FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS 7.1 New Features and Release Notes
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Last Reviewed 19-Jan-2012
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FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS version 7.1

This technical note outlines the new features available in FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS 7.1, as well as product fixes and release notes.

Note: A newer version of this product, FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS 7.2, released February 2015. For details, see Technical Note 2774.

This note includes the following information:

New Features in 7.1

The following new features are available in FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS 7.1:

  • Mixed-case password support

Platform Server for z/OS now supports the use of both upper- and lower-case characters together in a z/OS password to provide enhanced password security. New parameter: MIXED_CASE_PASSWORDS

  • New parameter for TCP connection timeout

An additional parameter has been added to specify the amount of time to wait for a response to a TCP/IP connection request. This parameter will provide better control for checkpoint/restart processing in the event of a network or other failure during a file transfer. New parameter: TCP_CONNECT_TIMEOUT

  • Customization of email notification subject

New global parameters for configuring the Subject field provide increased flexibility, usability, and effectiveness for email notifications for failed and successful transfers. These parameters support tokens that can be defined to add dynamic information. New parameters: EMAILSUBGOOD, EMAILSUBFAIL

  • Retry the TCP connection upon startup

Retry the TCP connection if the Platform Server started before TCP/IP.

  • Improved audit records

Requests to send local files that do not exist are now queued to allow an audit record to be written.

  • Updated multi-volume support

During a file transfer, the input volume count is now passed to the dynamic allocation of the receiver.

  • New capability to remove trailing spaces

Trailing spaces are now removed when z/OS is receiving data so users no longer have to make changes to the input file. This capability is only supported when receiving variable length records from UNIX or Windows servers. Updated parameter: REMOVETRAIL

  • Updated Multi Casting

Updated the maximum entries in a distribution list from 1024 to 2048. Customers can now specify up to 2048 NODE, IPADDR or IPNAME definitions. Customers can also override the IPPORT by specifying the IPPORT statement.

  • New Date/Time script variables

The predefined symbolic variables are now available: %TDAY, %TDAYOFWEEK, %TMONTH, %TYYYY, %TDDD, %TMM, %TDD. See the User Guide for details.

  • Changed email and MQ notification

A change was made to display the entire 32-byte node name instead of 8-byte node names.

Resolved Issues in 7.1

The following issues have been resolved in this release of FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS 7.1.

  • Improved email notification formatting

Resolved formatting errors when using Microsoft Outlook 2010.

  • Resolved an issue with DNI when an MQ Message Queue is defined. The following error was received:
PGTF2670E DNI MQ Error Member=xxxxx: Invalid MQ QMGR defined:
1 to 4 characters must follow $MQ: and is terminated with:
  • Added support for INCLUDE to be in the middle of PROCESS statements in the scripting interface.
  • Moved TCP startup before the Initiator Dispatcher start. This change resolves a problem binding to a Virtual IP Address.
  • Resolved an issue where the compression ratio is invalid when files are larger than 200 MB.
  • Resolved issue where node member displays incorrectly after first display on ISPF Panel Option 2: "Node info".
  • Resolved a hang condition in the VTAM LOGON exit. This condition occurred when the LOGON exit was entered multiple times for a single session. Symptoms of this problem include:
    • SNA session establishment hanging.
    • The started task will not respond to any operator commands.
  • Fixed 0C4 that occurred on z/OS Platform Server Responder when TRANS_TYPE=JOB and DATASET_TYPE=VSAM was defined. This sometimes happened when an ISPF panel had set the VSAM parameters and a subsequent a job submission was initiated to a remote z/OS Platform Server.
  • Platform Server will now set the SSL flag when Responder processes an SSL Request.
  • Fixed a storage leak that could lead to an abend 878 after a period of time when email notification is used.
  • Resolved 0C2 abend in FUSEMAIL when invalid SMTP Parameter is defined.
  • Implemented storage improvements when GLOBAL SMF processing is enabled.
  • Resolved condition where messages PGTS0023I and PGTS0804E are displayed when many messages are displayed in a short period of time. The condition that caused this error displayed 6000 messages in 15 seconds and could eventually cause the started task to require a restart.
  • Fixed continuation when + is combined with - in column 72.
  • Resolved 0C4 at OSIUC000+A5F6 when JCL PARM script variable has no value.
  • Resolved problem with CKPT Restart and multi-volume dataset when communicating with IBM i/AS400.
  • Added support for wildcard search on ISPF Manage Transfer: Transaction Selection Criteria: File name.
  • Resolved an issue causing Remote File name on third-party transfers to become corrupted.
  • Resolved hang condition when attempting to write to a tape that has not expired.
  • Resolved 0C1 abend when executing the CFPING operator command.
  • Removed Message PGTN9777D when CFPING operator command is executed.
  • Resolved problem where the IP Address is displayed as in the Initiator messages.
  • Added support for 64-byte IP names in the following interfaces:
    • SPF/REXX
    • Batch Interface
    • Script Interface
  • Resolved miscellaneous issues when FileXpress Internet Server requests a file list from z/OS.
  • Resolved issue where token substitution didnít work for directory transfers.
  • Resolved issue where token substitution didnít work for Send transfers.
  • Resolved receiving 0C4 at FUSTOKEN+594 during Token substitution when file name is 1 byte.
  • Resolved an issue where FUSSCRPT transfers executed under the STC using SNA to communicate with the STC receive error 002C on ALLOCD command. The first request will succeed; subsequent requests will fail with this error.
  • Resolved an issue where FUSSCRPT transfers incorrectly UPPER CASE the Script name and parameters.
  • Resolved an issue when a REXX exec runs under the started task and the FUSCFG entry specifies the STCNAME parameter the following error is displayed and the request fails: PGTE2234E Unable to allocate AUDPATH dsn xxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxxx: dd AUDPATH1 already allocated.
  • Resolved an issue on Initiator Requests; the remote password was intermittently getting corrupted.
  • Resolved an issue when DNI is configured for HFS files; the transfers that are queued are single threaded.
  • Resolved an issue when Command Center collects audit records from z/OS; records can get corrupted on the Command Center Audit database when the Transfer EMAIL_SUCCESS or EMAIL_FAILURE parameters are used.
  • Resolved an issue where a user was receiving Message PGTF0042I indicating that the maximum CONTENTION LOSERS has been exceeded. Responder transfers were incorrectly being counted in the LOSERS count during transfer termination processing.
  • When multiple PROCESS statements in the same batch job step use the VOLUME or OVOLUME parameter, the value is lost in the second and subsequent PROCESS statements.
  • Responder Profile requests initiated by Command Center do not support Trusted Users (*VER),

Known Issues

The following known issues have been found in FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS:

ISPF Changes

Due to some internal control blocks being changed, version 7.1 will have issues communicating with version 6.5.1. Below are the restrictions regarding communicating between different versions of client and started tasks.

ISPF V6.5.1 communicating with STC 7.0 or higher


  • History will display correct information
  • Active Tasks will display incorrect data


  • Both History and Active tasks will display correct information


  • Both History and Active tasks will display correct information

Obtaining Your Product Upgrade

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Download Library web site:

You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can select and download a file. For more information on using the Download Library web site, see Technical Note 0200.

For information about purchasing FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS 7.1, please e-mail us:

Supported Platforms and System Requirements

The FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS is supported on the following systems:

  • z/OS version 1.9 or higher

Note: Support is provided by Attachmate only for the vendorís generally supported release versions. Once the operating system goes into extended support mode, or the vendor no longer supports a version, it will cease to be supported by Attachmate Technical Support.

Space Requirements:

  • 50 Cylinders of 3390 DASD space

For information about supported platforms for all FileXpress products, see Technical Note 2475.

Installing FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS

For information about installing FileXpress Platform Server for z/OS, see the Platform Server for z/OS Installation and Operations Guide, which is available from the documentation page,

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