"GAS.process (super) threw ServletException java.lang.NullPointerException" Error and Administrative WebStation Server Is Unresponsive
Technical Note 2593
Last Reviewed 01-Nov-2011
Applies To
Reflection for the Web 2011 Build 521 or higher

If you have Reflection for the Web configured to use SiteMinder for Access Control authentication, and you upgrade to Reflection for the Web 2011 Build 521 or higher, the Administrative WebStation is unresponsive, and the following error is reported in the trace.log file: "GAS.process (super) threw ServletException java.lang.NullPointerException." This technical note describes the cause, symptom, and solution for this issue.


This issue occurs because Reflection for the Web 2011 Build 521 (11.0.[nnn.]521) or higher no longer includes the SiteMinder JAR file in the Reflection server's classpath. The JAR file was removed from the installation images to adhere to licensing restrictions imposed by Computer Associates (CA) and applies to all CA providers, including Attachmate.


If the above upgrade scenario occurs, then the Administrative WebStation is inaccessible by both the administrative account and end users. The links list, created by the Launcher applet, is not rendered, and the following error message is reported in the Administrative WebStation trace.log file:

GAS.process (super) threw ServletException java.lang.NullPointerException

By default, the trace.log file is written to the log directory in the ReflectionData directory, for example:



You must re-add the SiteMinder Agent JAR file to the Reflection serverís classpath and restart Tomcat. The SiteMinder Agent JAR can be copied from a SiteMinder Web Agent or SDK installation. For more information, refer to Technical Note 2591.

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