FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX and Linux 7.0 New Features and Release Notes
Technical Note 2550
Last Reviewed 14-Mar-2011
Applies To
FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX version 7.0
FileXpress Platform Server for Linux version 7.0

This technical note outlines the new features available in FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX and Linux 7.0, as well as product fixes and release notes.

This note includes the following information:

New Features in 7.0

The following new features are available in FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX and Linux 7.0:

  • The sslutility.exe utility now supports key sizes of 1024, 2048, and 4096.
  • Added AES 128-bit encryption support.

FileXpress Platform Server UNIX already supported AES 256-bit encryption but now users have the option to select AES 128-bit encryption.

  • License key information (for example, expiration date) will be returned to the FileXpress Command Center Status Server.
  • Removed sticky bit from cfnode, cfrprofile, cfprofile, and cfinq to allow all users contained in the cfadmin group the ability to execute programs.

Note: FileXpress Platform Server now requires cfadmin group to be created prior to installation due to sticky bit being removed from the above executables.

Resolved Issues in 7.0

The following issues have been resolved in this release of FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX and Linux 7.0:

  • Resolved an issue that caused intermittent core dumps when executing the cfsend, cfrecv, cfstart, cfnode, cfprofile, cfrprofile, and cfinq commands.
  • Removed logging of connection requests with no data, for example keep alive requests.
  • Resolved issues causing core dumps after an initial FileXpress Command Center Status Server check is run.
  • Resolved a core dump when issuing a cfrecv or cfsend and the NODE name contained the word "hostname" within it.
  • Fixed an issue where a restart of failed SSL Transfers using CheckpointRestart and encryption would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where no error was reported to FileXpress Command Center when running a manual poll and there was no node defined for the FileXpress Command Center server.
  • Resolved an issue where members of the cfbrowse group were not able to view transactions when using the cfinq command.
  • Resolved an issue where necessary GCC libraries required for running Platform Server were missing.
  • Resolved Platform Server returning error when executing cron job.
  • Resolved issue with wild card directory transfer file permissions not retaining original permissions.
  • Resolved Platform Server transfer failures to a Platform Server for UNIX when the destination path contains a space.
  • Resolved transfer failure error due to the IP name not converting properly.
  • Resolved an issue with ZLIB compression sending bad packets.

Supported Platforms and System Requirements

For information about supported platforms and system requirements for FileXpress, see Technical Note 2475.

Obtaining Your Product Upgrade

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Download Library web site:

You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can select and download a file. For more information on using the Download Library web site, see Technical Note 0200.

For information about purchasing FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX or Linux 7.0, please e-mail us:

Installing FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX and Linux 7.0

For information about installing FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX and Linux, see the Platform Server for UNIX/Linux User Guide, which is available from the documentation page,

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