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Technical Notes

Hotfix Available to Address Japanese Character Corruption in Reflection for IBM 14.1
Technical Note 2507
Last Reviewed 18-Jun-2010
Applies To
Reflection for IBM version 14.1
Reflection for the Multi-Host Enterprise Professional Edition version 14.1
Reflection for the Multi-Host Enterprise Standard Edition version 14.1
Reflection Suite for X version 14.1
Reflection for IBM (Evaluation) version 14.1
Reflection Evaluator version 14.1

Users of Reflection for IBM version 14.1 in Japanese may experience a problem with Japanese character corruption when working in ISPF.


On an IBM 3270 host, navigating within ISPF and scrolling left and right (F11/F10 key press) in the ISPF editor will result in Japanese character corruption. (See sample screenshot below. Character corruption is circled in red.)

Figure 1: Screenshot of Japanese character corruption.


This issue has been resolved beginning in version 14.1.0136. To resolve the issue, upgrade to the latest version available from the Attachmate Download Library web site:

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