Reflection for the Web and Pop-Up Blockers
Technical Note 1837
Last Reviewed 02-Jun-2011
Applies To
Reflection for the Web 2011 (All Editions)
Reflection for the Web 2008 (All Editions)

If Reflection for the Web does not display when the Reflection Administrative WebStation or an embedded Reflection for the Web session is opened, Reflection may be blocked by pop-up blocking software installed on your computer. This technical note explains how to resolve this problem.

Allowing Reflection Pop-ups

Reflection for the Web embedded sessions and the Reflection Administrative WebStation open in browser pop-up windows. If you are using a pop-up blocker (such as the pop-up feature in Windows XP, Google toolbar, or Mozilla), you must configure the pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from Reflection for the Web in order to use the Reflection Administrative WebStation or embedded Reflection sessions.

The Symptom: The exact symptom that occurs if you do not allow Reflection pop-ups varies depending on the pop-up blocking software/feature you are using. Often, when a pop-up is blocked, a sound is played or a visual notification is displayed and the Reflection session or WebStation does not open. If this occurs, configure your pop-up blocker to allow Reflection pop-ups. For information about configuring your pop-up blocker, refer to the associated help file for your pop-up blocker.

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