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Product News
Upgrade Path: Reflection Pro 2014 Released 20-Feb-2014
Reflection 2011 R3 SP1 Released 12-Aug-2013: Learn more or Download now
Lifecycle Alert: Reflection 2011 R3 to be Retired in June 2015 (eligible for Extended Support Program)
Reflection PKI Services Manager 1.3 Released 15-Oct-2013 and is available with Reflection X 2011 products: Learn more
Lifecycle Alert: Reflection PKI Services Manager 1.2 Discontinued 20-Jan-2015

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Key Resources

Technical Notes - Reflection Suite for X 2011
Reflection X 2011 Documentation
Reflection FTP Client Documentation
Reflection PKI Services Manager Documentation
Product Support Lifecycle Version Status - Reflection Suite for X 2011

Platform Support

Supported Platforms and System Requirements - Reflection X 2011 R3
Supported Platforms and System Requirements - Reflection X 2011 R2
Supported Platforms - Reflection PKI Services Manager

Security Information

Security Updates - Reflection X Advantage
Security Updates - Reflection 2014 and 2011
Security Updates - Reflection 14.x
Security Updates - Reflection PKI Services Manager

Products with FIPS 140-2 Validated Crypto Modules
Report a Potential Security Vulnerability
Security and Your Operating Environment

Programming Resources

VBA Macro Guide for Reflection 2011 R3 SP1
Controlling Reflection 2011 R3 SP1 with .NET API
Calling Reflection 2014/2011 COM API
Using Reflection Terminal User Control in Your Visual Studio Project (Video - 10:38)
Programming Technical Notes

Reflection FTP Client Scripting
Reflection FTP Client Command Reference
Reflection FTP Client COM/OLE Automation API

Reflection 14.x Visual Basic (PDF)
EXTRA! API Code Samples and Reference Manuals

New to This Product?

What's in Reflection Suite for X 2011 R3?
Reflection X 14.1 Evaluation Guide (PDF)

Reflection X 2011 R3 Deployment Guide (PDF)
Reflection 2011 R3 Installation and Deployment Guide (PDF)
Reflection 2011 Videos
Reflection PKI Services Manager Overview

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